Listen to samples from the CD:

  1. Behold The King
  2. His Love Will Lift You Up
  3. When I Found The Cross
  4. Keeper Of The Book
  5. Coming Back
  6. River Of Faith
  7. From Where I Stand
  8. I Know The One
  9. Greater Love Has No One
  10. Pastures Of Plenty
  11. You Gave Your Best For Me

About the album

From Where I Stand is a presentation of 11 original gospel songs written and arranged by Ronnie Wayne Gabbard. Originally intended as a demo for pitching original material to other recording artists, the work evolved into a full production project. The album is the culmination of 35 years of writing, reflecting, and recording in the finest tradition of acoustic bluegrass and gospel.

The lyrical content of the songs in From Where I Stand offers personal expression, reflection, and encouragement to the listener. Most songs are presented in an easy-listening acoustic format. Others, such as His Love Will Lift You Up and I Know The One, are presented in a contemporary bluegrass style.

Inspiration for the project came from many sources. Scenes from Ron’s life and his friends and family found their way into his music. Faith was also a valuable source of inspiration, as many songs grew from reflections on sermons or biblical scriptures.

As an-all original project—with songs written entirely by Ron—the entire work is presented in its purest artistic form, independent of commercial influence. Ron sings songs straight from his own heart. He hopes the project will not only entertain but also minister and inspire.